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Dec 1, 2012 7:00am EST
or wrong. that happens to be the law. >> i am interested in your conversations with the national football league about how they could be in the same situation. one thing that is different -- the great thing under the cba is the cost of their workers' compensation insurance is worn by the players. we actually live in a world under the sea be a where the insurance cost is basically estimated every year and that is a benefit that goes to the team so the good news for our football teams, and i will say something about nfl owners, when it come to the cost of their insurance, that makes it somewhat ironic, even though those costs are reimbursed the team's fight on workers, which is interesting. i could probably choose another word but it is a family show. i am always interested in this issue of workers' compensation but i do thing going back to these big ideas, recognizing when our players get hurt, our leadership refuses to call it an accident. if you are a running back and you are squaring up and ray lewis is coming at you and your recorder back and steven jackson is heading for you, what hap
Dec 1, 2012 6:00am EST
mandating concussion training for public schools. >> great. that's great but okay. it's a law. okay the fact that there's legislation is good but not necessarily the effective. it really when you execute it, as where it really gets where you see the quality or not. some places they do it the education component is a few forms you fill out and you send it back in and you are done. some places it's all online. that can be god or not. you click through it, the clicks and you are done and you can play. you gain no knowledge. what we did, is we implemented a -- first off, we made concussion education training mandatory for every player that plays any kind of athletic sports in the schools. rerecognize first off it's not just the football -- there are so damage many of them. and we make that mandatory in person for both the student and at least one parent both the middle school level before you can participate, and the high school level at least once. take it in middle school, you come back and you have to do it again in high school. every year have to through an online refresher type of training.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2